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Today’s size 9 shoes: The River Island Blogger

My mum call these River Island beauties ‘blogger shoes’ as apparently all of her ‘Youtubers wear them’ yawn

River Island cutout boots

Today’s shoes: The Topshop Ark

These take over 30 minutes to get on!
Topshop ARK tan leather clog boots

My boyfriend is called Andre.

I wanted these ever since they came out in 2011 but only small sizes made the sale, so I had to pay a bit more than I wanted to on eBay, but at least I got them brand new!

Topshop Andre black boots

“Nice old school TV in the background love!”

Well… Well… Well… Topshop

I only really shop their TALL trousers but only in the sale. Here’s a run down of the shizzle I found:

Nail Rock nail wraps, leopard and American flag

River Island is my bitch!

It’s my fave shop ever and I always find goodies in the sale even when I least expect it!  Here’s some of my sale highlights!

River Island Chelsea Girl neon orange jumper and green stud belt

MIU MIU’s back on the glitter hype!

I do love the odd Miu Miu shizzle, especially these new booties!

Miu Miu Glitter-soled suede ankle boots

Better than Versace!

Or Dolce & Gabbana for that matter!

Jeffrey Campbell Fabulous boots

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