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The one jumper I wanted for dear life was finally mine in the River Island Boxing day sale.
River Island Boxing day sale

One love at Next!

The Next sale is always one I just ‘stroll into and find what I want’.

The Croydon one still had a queue at midday so I tried another day.  I got 4 bits in total across different days!
Next Boxing day sale

House of Fraser is the perfect one!

According to my mum House of Fraser had a really good Christmas”.  This is a lot coming from someone that doesn’t even shop there!

It was ALL about Lush!

The only Boxing day sale I cared for, woke up for and would die for was Lush!

Lush Boxing day sale

Well… Well… Well… Topshop

I only really shop their TALL trousers but only in the sale. Here’s a run down of the shizzle I found:

Nail Rock nail wraps, leopard and American flag

It was meant to be.

I really love Miss Selfridge even though they don’t really fit my fat ass anymore!

Miss Selfridge Embellished Jacket

Check me and NEXT though!

I am the luckiest person when it comes to the Next Boxing Day sale

NEXT patent brogues size 9

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