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My New Clarks Hamble Oaks

I think you all know my crazy obsession with the Clarks Hamble Oak model.  I swear a different one every sincgle day to work and tthe two I wore to death I’ve now replaced courtesy of the Clarks mid-season sale!

Clarks Hamble Oak: Peach Combi & Navy

Clarks: down with the oxblood

I’m obsessed with Clarks and their Hamble Oak shoe range.  In fact I have about 6 pairs and will just keep buying them until the end of time.

Clarks Hamble Oak oxblood brogues

My new Topshop boots are THE ONE!

I was in town last Thursday just browsing not ready to go home and BAM size 9 Topshop booties!!

Topshop Amalia brown brogue boots

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