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Dermalogica x Sodastream

Say Hello to the powerful new limited edition hydration collaboration for summer!
Enter Dermalogica x SodaStream!

Dermalogica x SodaStream

It’s time for a Clear Start.

My skin is so ravaged I’m sure you can see my skull through my pores.

Oh HELLO Dermalogica!Dermalogica Clear Start

I did one better with Dermalogica!

On Friday Dermalogica tweeted a pic of their best make up remover for make up brushes….

Dermalogica’s Clear Start

I love having young skin… it means I can experiment and pretend I’m a teenager and roll back to 1998! Enter Dermalogica‘s new teen to mid-twenties skincare range dubbed Clear Start!

Dermalogica Clear Start

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