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Arcadia AW15 press day

I finally made it to an Arcadia press day!  In all honesty it was mainly for the Diva jewellery by Miss Selfridge as I’m soooo obsessed!!!

Arcadia AW15 press day: Topshop

I LOVE Miss Selfridge’s jewellery!

I’ve always been a fan of Miss Selfridge’s Diva range, in fact, to me it’s the best high street jewellery collection that lasts YEARS!

Miss Selfridge Diva gold glitter necklace and pink cropped trousers

Last minute sale jewellery buys!

Can you believe each of these bits were £3 each!

H&M neon bracelet

Miss Selfridge

Miss Selfridge Diva Jewellery AW12

Wore it to my cousins wedding!

Miss Selfridge Diva Jewellery AW12

I thought it was a mis-price as it was originally £25 odd!

Miss Selfridge Diva Jewellery AW12

H&M neon bracelet
H&M neon bracelet
I am the DON of sales!

How much jewellery?

Costume Jewellery… My favourite part of dressing!

I’m actually addicted to buying costume jewellery.  I them as pieces of art that are the main feature of an outfit.

Lots and lots of jewellery! And this is just a quarter of it!

If you look closely you can see  a broken plastic wine glass from where my metal jewellery collection got too big for it’s fragile boots.

I rather liked that wine glass as well, it helped me through many night’s at Glastonbury

Most of my metal pieces are from Diva at Miss Selfridge, but I also gather the odd piece from River Island and Dorothy Perkins. Continue reading...

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