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Check out my new tropical print bright orange trews from Dorothy Perkins!

Dorothy Perkins Tall lily print joggers

Arcadia AW15 press day

I finally made it to an Arcadia press day!  In all honesty it was mainly for the Diva jewellery by Miss Selfridge as I’m soooo obsessed!!!

Arcadia AW15 press day: Topshop

Here comes the sun!

As summer has officially arrived ahead of the Diamond Jubilee, so it’s time to pull out the MAXI!

Dorothy Perkins Red paisley bandeau maxi

Project 365: Day 59 – ‘Gimme dat, Gimme dat’


Look at these STUNNERS!

Dorothy Perkins Leopard pony zip boot

Leopard pony zip boot: £65

HELLO Summer…

I’m not the biggest fan of Dorothy Perkins since they did away with TALL from the high street, only I still get their fashion emails.  I admit I never read them, just skim then delete…  Only the other week this dress caught my eye in their fashion round up email!

Dorothy Perkins Closet Multi flared belted dress

Dorothy Perkins Closet Multi flared belted dress - £52.00

The high street removes Tall

I recently took an overdue trip to Oxford Street on the lookout for Tall clothing, as my local is high street is limited.  What I found was startling…

Bye... bye...

Fave jewellery pieces: Part 2

I was supposed to update you last week on my post: Fave jewellery pieces: Part 1

My fave plastic jewellery pieces

This section focuses on my love for acrylic jewellery.

My necklace broke…

A broken necklace

Somehow a gust of wind broke my Dorothy Perkins necklace and all the baubles went spilling into the road!

Luckily no-one was around so I was able to run after them! I was going to leave it but felt I could fix it.  No cars were around either, God must have been looking out for me!

Two baubles did get away though 🙁

Now I need to get round to finding a new chain for it.   Ho Hum!

Fave jewellery pieces: Part 1

After my first post on my big collection of costume jewellery, I thought I’d share my favourite metal pieces collected over the years.  The biggest thing is that I never go out looking for jewellery, it’s always a random spot or a piece that’s part of a ‘look’ in a shop.

Miss Selfridge chunky heart pendant

Miss Selfridge, Chunky heart pendant, 2007

I found this piece in the sale and it quickly became my everyday necklace for a long time. I’ve worn it so much the gold has rubbed off and it’s now silver.   I still wear it, but I’m more selective on what I wear it with.

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