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Fave jewellery pieces: Part 2

I was supposed to update you last week on my post: Fave jewellery pieces: Part 1

My fave plastic jewellery pieces

This section focuses on my love for acrylic jewellery.

My necklace broke…

A broken necklace

Somehow a gust of wind broke my Dorothy Perkins necklace and all the baubles went spilling into the road!

Luckily no-one was around so I was able to run after them! I was going to leave it but felt I could fix it.  No cars were around either, God must have been looking out for me!

Two baubles did get away though 🙁

Now I need to get round to finding a new chain for it.   Ho Hum!

Fave jewellery pieces: Part 1

After my first post on my big collection of costume jewellery, I thought I’d share my favourite metal pieces collected over the years.  The biggest thing is that I never go out looking for jewellery, it’s always a random spot or a piece that’s part of a ‘look’ in a shop.

Miss Selfridge chunky heart pendant

Miss Selfridge, Chunky heart pendant, 2007

I found this piece in the sale and it quickly became my everyday necklace for a long time. I’ve worn it so much the gold has rubbed off and it’s now silver.   I still wear it, but I’m more selective on what I wear it with. Continue reading...

TALL girls come up short…

Do you come up short?

At just over 5’9 and a half tall (a-hem), clothes shopping has become both a chore and bane of my life.

I have a petite torso (not funny) and 37″ legs (hip hip hooray!). With a modelesque height and legs the length of the Amazonian river why is it so hard to find anything on the high street for TALL girls?

  • It’s never simple.
  • You have to plan.
  • Nothing ever fits.
  • Ankle swingers are a frequent occurrence in the changing room.
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