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Kiss me ASOS.

I saw this shirt on a staff member at Debenhams, then saw it featured on another blog so I took a trip to eBay.

ASOS lips shirt

Loving Miss Kelly B.

I’m probably one of the very few that adores Kelly Brook‘s debut perfume!
Kelly Brook Perfume

I bet you don’t have these sandals…

Good luck trying to find these River Island sandals…
River Island summer disco canvas chain sandals

My boyfriend is called Andre.

I wanted these ever since they came out in 2011 but only small sizes made the sale, so I had to pay a bit more than I wanted to on eBay, but at least I got them brand new!

Topshop Andre black boots

“Nice old school TV in the background love!”

Kobo me crazy!

I bought this Kobo Touch months ago but I only just opened it!
Lilac Kobo touch and pink silicone case

Look at what I found!

I was taking the scenic route back from the Ji Cheng LFW SS13 show and found the ONE AND ONLY Twinings tea shop

*I’m goin innnn…*

Twinings tea shop London

eBay buy: Dotty for Boohoo

On my massive hunt through eBay for Boohoo bits, I stumbled across this dotted beauty! Boohoo berry red dotted sheer blouse

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