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The Henry Holland fashion festival at Debenhams!

Debenhams have this thing about having mini press events with some of their popular in-house designer, enterrrrrrr Henry Holland!

H! by Henry Holland Henry Fest

OH WHY did I wear that top…

What trainer style are you at Debenhams?

Sports luxe is IN and is here to stay, with trainers now just as fashionable as shoes!  In fact people now wear trainers instead of shoes!

The Debenhams top 5 trainers:

Debenhams SS12 press day: H! by Henry Holland

Once I entered the fab Debenhams SS12 press day, my first port of call was: Designers at Debenhams with H! by Henry Holland.

Debenhams SS12 press day: H! by Henry Holland Designers at Debenhams

The best of the sales!

Over the holidays I managed to spend, spend and spend a little more in the sales.  Most of the bits I got were from just before Boxing day, as the sales started early.
Here’s my best bits from the sales… H&M Burgundy poncho sale

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