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My new headphones!

I am obsessed with these headphones from Tiger, even more so now I have the new multi-coloured ones!

TIGER multi-coloured headphones

Goodbye SHURE?

My headphones are dying and I’m rather upset about it.  The most annoying thing is it’s my third set of Shure‘s in the last 6 years…

ishuffle 2nd Gen and Shure SE115 pink headphones

I started with E2C‘s which unfortunately broke, and the ‘newer‘ replacement set they sent me was nowhere near as good, so I ‘upgraded’ to the SE115‘s.  These are now starting to die and quite frankly I can’t wait to replace them.  The ‘sound’ has gradually been reducing since day one, yet neither bud has blown. Continue reading...

SPOTTED: Swarovski headphones

On a casual stroll down Great Marlborough Street, I passed the oh so glitzy Swarovski shop and saw these bad boys!

Swarovski Crystallized headphones

I’d like to thank anyone in advance for blingin’ me out with these this Chrimbo…

Me love

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