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Rewind 2015: Food & Drink in Ibiza

I ate A TON in Ibiza last year, but as always not all of it was good.  But more shockingly my fave meal from the Ibiza Rocks bar I somehow forgot to take a picture of (a chicken kebab style wrap) and I had it more than once!  sooooo gutted.  Maybe this year I’ll remember!

Here’s my guide to some of Ibiza’s restaurants and their food:



Regenerate a healthy lifestyle in the Cactus Kitchen!

So last night I went to the Cactus Kitchen studio and school and (where they film Saturday Kitchen LIVE) and took part in a cookery masterclass courtesy of the new Regenerate Enamel Science toothpaste developers and Honestly Healthy!

Regenerate enamel science: Cactus Kitchen

Who has the best natural peanut butter?

I’ve always sworn by smooth peanut butter, but recently I’ve been having a daily dose of the smooth variety….

My Protein smooth Peanut butter

Time to get healthy!

Do you take any supplements, add any extra vitamins to your food or switched to pure and organic products?

My Protein flaxseed powder and My Vitamins smooth peanut butter

Project 365: Day 166 – Waitrose!

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