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WORD to yo Itsu!

Itsu napkin

This is where I live.

Every Saturday, without fail, I’m at Tashi Sushi in Croydon!

Tashi Sushi chicken noodle soup


Don’t bother with Wasabi people…

No seriously… Wasabi has gone so far downhill in the last year it’s untrue!

Wasabi chicken noodles with chilli sauce

The folks at Itsu LOVE me!

I’m sure you’re all aware of my crazy obsession with Itsu.  Everytime I go to town I have to pass through even if just for the nice ambience!

Itsu tea blend

Project 365: Day 196 – Proper sushiiiiiiiii!

It wasn’t the best since the salad was oily and soggy and the rest was just bland even with the sauce!  Think I’ll stick to Itsu in future!

Wasabi sushi box

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Project 365: Day 195 – VILE!

Don’t even bother with this place. It was horrific. Nothing was fresh and the chicken was BURNT DRY and the veg wasn’t even cooked!
Ta-Maki chicken noodle soup

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Project 365: Day 159 – For real?

I can honestly say this is my first ‘proper‘ sushi purchase, as I’ve only ever tried the ‘Tesco/M&S’ variety… umm… no more… T’was LUSH!!!!

Wasabi wakame salad and fishcake

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