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Christopher Raeburn LFW SS15

My first Raeburn fashion show to start LFW was a short and sharp affair.

Christopher Raeburn LFW SS15 runway

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Christopher Raeburn LFW SS15 ticket

Let’s go Rae Rae!!

Ya’ll ain’t ready!!

Who’s ready to TURNUP for Fashion Week???

LFW SS15 show invites: Sibling, Shopcade, Marios Schwab, Christopher Raeburn

The BEST of the rest from around LFW AW14

So this season I did and saw a lot more at LFW, here’s what else I captured on me cam-a-lam!
Made in Chelsea at LFW AW14

Pringle of Scotland LFW AW14

My third and final LFW show took me to a super posh regal elegance building for the Pringle of Scotland showcase, where models walked through a decadent dining room!

Pringle of Scotland LFW AW14

John Rocha LFW AW14

My second highlight of Saturday’s LFW was John Rocha!

Not only did I get interviewed outside of his show (no I’m not lying), but I actually managed to get IN!
John Rocha LFW AW14

Holly Fulton LFW AW14

I still can’t believe I went to a Holly Fulton LFW show!  There were no SAW4 deaths, but there was a douse of Dior style full skirts with plenty of embellishments even for those that don’t like sequins.
Holly Fulton LFW AW14

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