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Project 365: Day 81 – Midweek SCRUB!

Project 365: Day 72 – More than LUSH!

Got this on offer, so double whammy! Can’t wait to make my mask!  I might just drink the tea too…
Clipper Tea and Lush promo

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Project 365: Day 51 – Goodbye and HELLO!

I tried to make it stretch but it didn’t work in the slightest so I just replaced it!

LUSH Handy Gurugu hand cream

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Project 365: Day 50 – Cake soap

Apparently the whole wheel is about £800!!
LUSH Croydon HIWTK Hone I Washed The Kids cake soap

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Project 365: Day 17 – Gurugu’s not handy…

My Handy Gurugu hand cream from Lush is nearly finished 🙁

Handy Gurugu from Lush

Project 365: Day 14 – Snow, sweets and fairy’s

It’s winter, it’s been getting colder as the weeks go by and I’ve been ill…  So to cheer up my senses I had a Snow Fairy shower.  The smell always brings a smile to my face.  Candylicious!
Project 365: Day 14 – Snow Fairy

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Lush gets raided over Xmas!

The most important sale for me over the holidays was Lush.  I first tried them a year ago after buying a Buttercup set in the sale, and I’ve been so hooked ever since that I bought this lot half price in the Boxing day sale…

Lush 2011 Boxing day sale

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