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5 days until Mother’s Day: Time to start saving

Get your mum to start saving this spring with Liberty‘s iconic store front money box!

FLOWERS OF LIBERTY building ceramic money box

Saving for the future

How good are you at saving?

Well hello there Ms Thomas!

I have this obsession with money boxes…

At Home With Ashley Thomas teapot moneybox at Debenhams

I collect mugs too… see background (LOL)

My sale trinkets…

I bought loads of clothes (actually I didn’t) in the Boxing day sales but in the midst of it all I found a few ‘not needed but wanted’ trinkets that my purse refused not to buy…


99p store cupcake moneybox

Collection or Obsession? Part 1

I tend to find myself jumping on types of products once I buy a particular item.  It all started at Uni when I found a striped latte mug in TG Hughes

Madame Tussauds mugs

Latte Mugs
After buying a bright blue and white mug in TJ Hughes I felt a need to go and collect different design latte mugs.  I found myself purposely looking for them, regardless of the fact I didn’t need more than two.  I ended up collecting around 10 and had them all on my window sill as if it was an art exhibition!  I did end up having a couple that I actually used, which is all I originally needed anyway. Continue reading...

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