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New Year = NEW NAILS!

I needed to get back to my weekly polish as I’d not done it for over 6 months after I had a bad manicure!

Nails Inc. Ladbroke swatch

Nails Inc. Ladbroke

Project 365: Day 161 – Well, well, well…

Project 365: Day 155 – Arts and Craft


So last week I attended the F+F press day and also got my nails done by the infamous Illustrated Nail while I was there…

The Illustrated nail two tone colour

Bank Holiday nails with MUA!

I lurrrrve purple, so I knew I was going to love this shade on my nails!

MUA Love Hearts: Luv U 24/7

Project 365: Day 126 – Disco, disco, disco, disco

Butter London Disco Biscuit nail polish

BOOM Nails!

New week, New Nails… Say Whaaaaaaat?

MUA blue nail polish

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