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I’ve been forced to change my purse…

OK, so the other week I lost my purse…

Pauls Boutique Pink/Purple Patent Lizzie Purse

eBay buy: River Island purple quilted purse

This was actually a bit of an error…
River Island lilac quilted purse

eBay buy: River Island pink purse

I’ve wanted this purse since day dot in 2006… But I missed out and I’ve stalked eBay ever since…
River Island pink quilted purse

Project 365: Day 11 – I need a new purse!

I’m a tramp.  I fully admit it.  When it comes to purses they have to be ripped to shreds before I replace it.   I’ve wanted this Lizzie purse since June last year but still haven’t got round to buying it yet.  Just look at how tatty my adorable River Island purse is 🙁

Project 365: Day 11 – My River Island coral quilted purse

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*Wish list* PB pink purse

I spotted a girl in River Island with this and immediately fell in love.  I had no idea what brand it was, so once I got home I searched  ‘shiny pink purse’ and scrolled through images until I found out it was a Paul’s Boutique BEAUTY!

Paul's Boutique Lizzie purse

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