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Project 365: Day 105 – So they say…

Easter, Easter, Easter gifts!

With Easter just around the corner, it’s time to start gathering up some choccie treats for your loved ones!  Here I’ve rounded up my top buys from chocolate to sweets to seasonal tableware.

Have a peek at the great artistic pieces from around the high street, featuring marshmallows, dried fruits and chocolate sprinkles!
Thorntons Eton Mess, Banofee Pie and Lemon meringue easter egg

Project 365: Day 91 –Apparently…

These till spits are money off your shopping…  Funny how they don’t tell you until after you’ve thrown a bunch away!

Sainsbury's till spit

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Mother’s day choccie treats!

If like me you’re leaving Mother’s day purchases until the day before (yes you know you are…), then cruise this selection of choccie treats from Supermarkets to Thorntons to Lola’s Kitchen…  YEAH BABY!!!!

Lola's Kitchen Mothers day cupcake selection

Project 365: Day 60 – Recession = No rejection

Project 365: Day 56 – That’s better!

Asda is still the cheapest though!
Sainsbury’s till spit

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Project 365: Day 53 – LIES!

Everyone know’s Asda is the cheapest.

Sainsbury's till spit

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