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My new Clarks shoes sale buys!

As soon as I got the email of the Clarks sale I cancelled my plans that evening, rushed to a store in town and found these two size 9 beauties!

Clarks Hotel Image in light tan and Clarks Hamble Oak Pale Yellow

RE-E-WIND: The M&S Outlet…

Now my beloved M&S Outlet has closed for good, I thought I’d rewind on some stuff I bought where they had a flash sale with an extra 30% off when you spent over £60 + a 15% stackable discount code!

M&S Linen Mix Cushion

The Feel Unique flash sale!

I love a good bargain, but Feel Unique‘s recent flash sale with an extra 15% off sale goods had me ‘adding to basket’ faster than I eat food… which is extra FAST!!!!

FeelUnique flash sale

Mid-season sale buys at Debenhams

You know when you get paid and you find yourself ‘window shopping‘ the beauty department in Debenhams

Well… this is what happened…

Debenhams sale beauty department

I managed to get all of this lot for £58!

New buys from ZARA!

My love for ZARA is back with a vengeance, but my poor poor purse…

ZARA short fur coat yellow

The not-so-good Juice Cube!

The portable mobile phone charging Juice Cube…

Great idea…
Fantastic design…
Poor execution…

Juice Cube pink

My obsession with YSL Beauty!

When it comes to premium beauty, I think there’s no better luxe brand than YSL Beauty!

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