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Clarks shoes…. The Ugly-Pretty sandal

So I blagged a good six or so new shoes in the Clarks sale across like a month of running around, and here’s part two: the Zena Mae chunky sandal!

Clarks Zena Mae Sandals

Today’s shoes: The crumpled paper

Next animal print sandals and Warehouse yellow printed trousers

My mums New Look leather sandals

The mother has been bleating on about these damn New Look sandals for a whole week, and well she finally got them and told me to blog them…

New Look Brown Chunky Strap Open Toe Block Heels

Today’s shoes: The Topshop Zig-a-zig AH!!

EVERYONE loves these Topshop sandals, like I mean EVERYONE!!
Topshop FIGARO3 Whipstitch Sandals

I bet you don’t have these sandals…

Good luck trying to find these River Island sandals…
River Island summer disco canvas chain sandals

ASPIGA does size 9!

Whooooooo Aspiga is another brand out there doing selected styles in size 9!
Aspiga gold Cobra sandals

Aspiga Cobra gold sandals – £75


I’m in a rather candylicious mood at the moment, due to lots of cutesy things I’ve seen in the last few days.  As I casually browsed the River island footage, I came across these candy pops!

River Island - Blue stripe bow sandals

River Island - Blue stripe bow sandals: £60

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