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Clarks is a Whizz at shoes!

Now I have 7 pairs of Clarks Hamble Oak’s it’s time to move into their other lace-up’s, enter the Hotel Whizz shoes!

Clarks Hotel Whizz white patent shoes

I found some more Happy Socks!

So I was heading to buy a new thermal mug for work from a famous discount store and decided to stop by the menswear floor ‘just to check’ if they had any more Happy Socks and well… I ended up with 9 more…

Happy Socks 3-pack

My New Clarks Hamble Oaks

I think you all know my crazy obsession with the Clarks Hamble Oak model.  I swear a different one every sincgle day to work and tthe two I wore to death I’ve now replaced courtesy of the Clarks mid-season sale!

Clarks Hamble Oak: Peach Combi & Navy

Clarks: “Hey Stewie, it’s Griffin Maddy!”

My love for Clarks knows no bounds: enter my double dose of the Griffin Maddy shoes.

Clarks Griffin Maddy shoes blue & yellow

Clarks: down with the oxblood

I’m obsessed with Clarks and their Hamble Oak shoe range.  In fact I have about 6 pairs and will just keep buying them until the end of time.

Clarks Hamble Oak oxblood brogues

Clarks shoes…. The Ugly-Pretty sandal

So I blagged a good six or so new shoes in the Clarks sale across like a month of running around, and here’s part two: the Zena Mae chunky sandal!

Clarks Zena Mae Sandals

My new Clarks shoes sale buys!

As soon as I got the email of the Clarks sale I cancelled my plans that evening, rushed to a store in town and found these two size 9 beauties!

Clarks Hotel Image in light tan and Clarks Hamble Oak Pale Yellow

Clarks AW15 press day

I literally LIVE in Clarks shoes now like seriously no joke, so of course I went to their AW15 press show to spy what I’ll be buying next season!

Clarks AW15 press day: Clarks Originals

Happy Socks AW15 press day

So I finally made it to a Happy Socks event, OHHH MY it was absolute heaven on earth!  I’m even more obsessed now!!

Happy Socks AW15 press day

Cos I’m HAPPY…!

My LOVE for Happy Socks is so so deep I went hunting for the perfect set and came back with 3!

Happy Socks men's

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