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Luxottica AW15 press day

Sunglasses are SO MY THING now, but Luxottica‘s AW15 collection is absolutely DREAMY!


Coming this summer: The Ray-Ban velvet sunglasses

Remember when I went to the Luxottica sunglasses press day a while ago and picked out these velvet sunglasses?  Well take a closer look…IMG_0058

Joules makes a spectacle at Vision Express

Did you know Joules did eyewear?  Well now you do!

Joules spectacles Vision Express exclusive

Diesel AW14 press day

What do you know about Diesel?

If you’re thinking ‘Well it’s just jeans innit!’  Then NO you’re wrong.  Oh so very wrong!

Luxottica AW14 press day

I can finally wear sunglasses now I wear contacts!  Enter the HERO specs world of Luxottica!

4 Nights in Ibiza… Via TK Maxx

Yeah so who has their holiday wardrobe sorted?  We of course you don’t as I haven’t shown you what I found in TK Maxx for the perfectly stylish summer holiday!
TK Maxx Summer Suitcase: Ibiza Wardrobe

My Polaroid sunnies arrived!

Well remember when I went to the Polaroid SS12 press day?  Well anyway all attendee’s were treated to a pair from the new collection and here’s my choice!

Polaroid sunglasses SS12: Best Under the Sun

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