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Rewind Ibiza 2015: San Antonio Bay

Here’s my last instalment of pics from Ibiza 2015: San Antonio Bay!

Ibiza 2015 San Antonio Bay

Rewind Expo Milano 2015: inside the pavilions

Here’s some more of my fave pics from inside the Pavilions at Expo Milano 2015!

Expo Milano 2015: Italy Pavilion

Landscapes of Ibiza – The Natural Park Aquarium

So last year on my hols to Ibiza I was pretty eager to explore more if the Island although not too far, so I took a 2-3 hour boat trip towards the north west side of San Antonio.

Nautilus Ibiza 2015

Rewind Expo Milano 2015: The best of the rest

Here’s the best of the rest from outside of the pavilions in and around EXPO Milano 2015.

Expo Milano 2015: Madonnina

Rewind Expo Milano 2015: The best pavilions

Last year I had the amazing opportunity to visit the Expo Milano fair in Italy in june.
Here’s a look at what I thought were the best pavilions from around the world.

Expo Milano 2015 pavilion: Vietnam


Rewind 2015: Ibiza After Dark

So 2015 was a major last minute travel year for me, I dropped by Milan twice and took a (planned but booked the day before) summer holiday to Ibiza.  I have soooo many pics between all of them so I’m separating them into grouped posts.

Part one is: Ibiza After Dark.

Scroll down for:
Ibiza Rocks Bar
Cafe Mambo
Sunset Strip
Es Paradis

Ibiza 2015 after dark

Snapshots of Milan

Last year I got the opportunity to visit Milan for the Expo fair, and here’s some of the outtakes from around Milan’s city centre, including San Babila, via Montenapoleone and the famous Duomo cathedral.

Duomo cathedral

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