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Kenya produces the BEST tea in the world!

Seriously guys Twinings Kenyan loose tea blend in LEGIT the best tea in the world!

Twinings loose leaf Kenyan tea

No tea is better than Twinings!

Since I discovered Twinings worldly loose tea I’ve been hooked.

Twinings Kenyan loose tea

Look at what I found!

I was taking the scenic route back from the Ji Cheng LFW SS13 show and found the ONE AND ONLY Twinings tea shop

*I’m goin innnn…*

Twinings tea shop London

Twinings pops to WESTFIELD!

Oh… HELLO Twinings!  Everyone that knows me, knows full well the only tea I drink is Twinings!  There’s no better tea brand in the world!  Yeah I said it!Twinings pop up shop at Westfield London

I heart Twinings!

Best ad of 2011!

I always skip ads, but this one is amazing.  I’m glad it’s by Twinings as they make the best tea.

Simply beautiful!

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