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Luxottica AW15 press day

Sunglasses are SO MY THING now, but Luxottica‘s AW15 collection is absolutely DREAMY!


Luxottica AW14 press day

I can finally wear sunglasses now I wear contacts!  Enter the HERO specs world of Luxottica!

The Communications Store SS14 press day

The mega huge designer loving agency dropped by One Marylebone the other week, and for me it was the first look at their SS14 brands as I’ve not seen any of the runway pics yet!  YES really!

The Communications Store SS14 press day: Versace

My Versace for H&M day…

OH WOW!  What a day!  Today was the first time I”d ever gone to a H&M collaboration launch and I must say it was great, although I did miss Donatella…

Versace for H&M: Regent Street wrist band

H&M get STRICT for Versace collection!

So who’s ready for the new Versace for H&M collection on Thursday?  Well, I’m very excited, but word has it H&M have laid down the law ahead of launch day…

Versace for h&m

If you thought you could get away with ‘flogging on ebay for a quick buck’, think again!

Versace comes to H&M!

I can honestly say I’ve never got excited about any H&M collaboration until I saw the campaign images: Versace for H&M.  WOW WOW WOOOOOOOW!

H&M for Versace welcomes you...

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