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So I got my Avon shade TOTALLY wrong!

I’m not ‘Soft Honey‘ in the slightest, I’m Caramel and or Nutmeg in Avon‘s liquid foundation!

Avon Soft Honey, Caramel, Nutmeg Ideal Flawless foundation

My RANT at Bare Minerals

Just a note to Bare Minerals: If you INSIST on providing shades for Women of Colour, it might be an idea to actually stock it across your retailers…



My Brown Beauty hair kit

My afro hair products change every few years since formulas constantly change, (Yes Dark & Lovely I’m looking at YOU), or the company removes itself from the UK, Art Effex.

Afro hair products

Remember when Sleek was for Brown Beauty?

Throwback to 1996, when Sleek was the only make-up brand you’d find in afro hair shops.

Fast forward to 2014 and Sleek is now available for the masses, but is it any cop?

Sleek make up counter at an afro hair shop


Benefit dabbles with Brown Beauty!

Hello to Clinique’s 8 shades of beige!

I finally got my hands on Clinique’s 16 Shades of Beige palette!

Clinique neutral territory 2X All about shadow 8-pan palette

Clinique celebrates Women of Colour!

What Clinique shade of nude are you?

Clinique 16 shades of Beige collection

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